Wild & free creativity

Welcome to my Creative Spring Playshop

I’m calling all inner girls and boys to join…

When we connect with our inner artist child – we release immense creative powers.

And our inner child holds the keys to wonderland, where everything is possible.

Do you remember that feeling?

Sometimes we can forget and starve that part of ourselves, that is sooo vital to our writing and creativity…

Your inner child will surprise you, catapult you beyond imagination, and open secret windows and doors in your soul.

Let’s bask in this delight and joy together!

I’m seeing…

  • Crayons, glitter, and big colorful pieces of paper
  • Enchanting creative guests popping in to stir your imagination
  • You smile and laugh, write, dance, sing, and play – releasing your untamed Divine creativity!

Come to Playshop – live online

Saturday, April 29. th

6-9 pm (CET)

Ticket: 99 euros

Write a note to eva.ditlefsen@gmail.com to book today.

Take down bright new ideas for your writing and other creative expressions.

And go to bed happily reconnected with your inner artist child.

See you there, angel.

Love and light


Eva Andrea

P.S. You’ll also get the replay the following day.

❤ Artwork by fabulous Anna Ania