Explore your channeling gift

Dear Heart,

It’s time for Channeling With Your Pen – to tap into new mystical realms of inspiration.

I’m your guide – and will help you connect with the invisible loving light beings all around you.

So you can receive messages and Divine wisdom with your pen.

Are you curious about channeled writing – or sometimes wondering if you’re already doing it? Do you already know that you’re channeling, and enjoying the energetic space I hold?

Then this day is for you. I’ll help you to connect, open up, and receive channeled messages. And it will feel easy like breathing. I promise.

My own journey with channeling and receiving letters from the other side started almost a decade ago. At that time I’d not even heard about channeling and didn’t know what was going on.

I just surrendered to receiving these powerful messages and treasured them as beautiful gems.

Many of them have found their way into my books.

You know, even angels, guides, and masters need co-workers on earth – to translate and transmit wisdom and light codes. And if you feel a longing it’s because you’re ready to connect even deeper.

I’ll help you feel safe and grounded all the way through.

It will seem like an angel has guided your pen – and your reader will feel kissed by heaven.

Saturday 25.th of March – LIVE on Zoom

Opening Session 16-18 pm (CET)

Evening Session 20-22 pm (CET)

(You’ll also receive all the replays the following week)

Feeling the calling?

Get your first-mover ticket for 59 euros (Going up to 99 euros)

Just let me know if you wonder about anything…

I feel SO blessed to share this journey with you.

In Divine timing


Eva Andrea