New Online-Program

Soul-Medicine – for the dark night

4 First-Aid-Sessions of insights, guidance and helpful light-bringing practices

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Beautiful soul,

Do you experience darkness? A sense of confusion, blindness, abandonment, loss of connection with your Source – or maybe, this feeling of walking in no-mans-land? Then you may be in a Dark Night of the Soul. And hey, nothing is wrong with you, love…

This is the painful and necessary part of the transformational circle, that can be SO hard to go through. And it returns, in every new circle of expansion on our soul journey (even if parts of us really want to avoid the darkness-bit.)

In my own awakening, I’ve become deeply familiar with both darkness and light. And the last years I’ve traveled into the heart of the mystical understanding of The Dark Night of the Soul.

In my recent spiritual novel, I share some of these insights through my personal story.

But, I want to help you, even more, as I KNOW how challenging this part of the awakening can be. And my heart beats to support you ❤

In this program, I bring you soul-medicine in a very practical way, so you can walk with trust and grace through the night – and into your beautiful morning.

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THE 4 SESSIONS – Including Guidance, Meditations, Practises and Prayers

Heart-Made especially to comfort, guide and light up your soul

Understanding the darkness

Discovering the fast-track 

Your Soul-Medicine 

The Secret Ladder


We’ll also cover:

  • How can I know if I’m in a Dark Night of the Soul (The difference between depression, sorrow/crisis and this spiritual darkness – and how they sometimes come hand in hand.)
  • Can this become easier to walk in? What can I do?
  • How long will it take?
  • What are the GIFTS – and how do I create my own uplifting and healing soul-medicine?


eva gennem porten

I’ll welcome you in the arms of the course – 15 th. of December 2019

(It’s in English and you can watch it whenever you like – as video or audio)

Launch-price this week: 37 euro/275 dkk


Click here to book your course TODAY, my love

One of the ten first souls signing up will win a personal 1:1 Skype-Session with me (Value 200 euro.)

Hugs and blessings



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