Soul Journey To Avalon

July (Avalon, England)

How would it be to experience 3 days of unconditional sister-love and even deeper activation of your Divine feminine energy?

The green hills of Avalon, the heart chakra of the Earth, are waiting for us…

As you might have heard me share, this last year I’ve felt a deep calling to go to Avalon.

What’s so special is, that a circle of my closest soul sisters has seen the same vision in their mediations…

So, we’ve decided to meet there and allow ourselves to be intuitively guided while we’re there, and let it unfold – together with those of our soul sisters who are joining us.

This is the most amazing mystical experience of just following the guidance – and allowing the wonder of this journey to unfold.

And I love that you feel the calling to be there with us.

What I know for sure is, that we’ll have a sacred ceremony – dancing in white dresses on the top of the green hill, at 22 o’clock in the evening on Mary Magdalene’s Day – the 22. nd of July 2022.

It feels like an energetic portal, where we’ll connect and anchor the energy of the divine feminine even deeper. In ourselves and on earth.

When exactly? of July – 3 full days

(Starting at 10.30 am the first day and ending at 8 pm the last day)

What will the days look like?

– In the morning we’ll meet in the heart of Glastonbury, where I have a beautiful house for our morning circle. We’ll meet in unconditional sister love – and open our hearts for the day, with sharing and meditation.

– In the afternoon, we’ll experience one of the special sacred places, tap into the energy and listen within…

– In the evening we’ll book a table in the town and meet for a lovely meal (optional)

Where to live? 

Our meeting place is a lovely little house in the very heart of Glastonbury Tor, so you can book yourself a place to sleep within walking distance.

You can book your stay at or – just search for Glastonbury.

How to get there?

When it comes to Glastonbury, there are many options. So I’ll make it simple…

The closest international airport is Bristol (45 minutes by car, 2 hours by train)

You can also fly to London, Heathrow (2 hours by car, 4 hours by train) or Gatwick (3 hours by car, 4-5 hours by train)

I’d love to share this experience with you, soul sis…

Write to to hear more and book your ticket – we’ll keep the doors open for a few more sisters to join us.

General Information for all 3-Day Events

– When you’ve booked your ticket you’re on the participant list. At least 2 months before the event you’ll receive an email with more practical information.

– The events include all training, teaching, guidance, and materials.

– You cover your own flight, food, and accommodation. This means you can choose a simple way of living or a more luxurious experience, according to your wants and needs.

– 2 months before the event you’ll also be invited to a closed FB group for the participants, to find roommates and arrange co-driving if you want that.

– We’ll follow the guidelines from the local area around the covid-19 situation. If it’s restricted to be indoor, we’ll find outdoor solutions as much as possible, and so on.

( See the Terms and Conditions for all tickets and training with Eva Andrea.)