Soul Journey to Assisi

The prayer of Sct Francis “Make me a channel for your peace,” has always touched a string in my soul…

And I’ve always known that I’d love to go to Assisi.

Now, this year the calling has deepened.

The energy of both Francis and his spiritual partner, Clare, keeps coming to me in my meditations.

I sense the strong divine feminine essence of Clare, as a bright white light. So I know it is time. (Yes, this is how I do it…listening and trusting my inner guidance.)

If you feel drawn to the energy of Assisi, I’ll invite you to join me, dear one.

There’s a sense of tranquility, peace, and compassion around this pearl in Italy. And I know that three mystical and enchanting days are waiting for us.

If you feel a longing in your soul, you are meant to be there. And I know that you’ll have exactly the insights and experiences you need.

My sisterhood retreats are always like a bath in unconditional love. You’ll experience gentle healing, a deepening of your soul connection, and new activations of light seeds inside.

The beautiful combination of being in a sacred place – and being in a sacred circle enhances the experience uniquely.


Every day we will meet for a beautiful and soul-connecting morning circle.

I’ll allow myself to be intuitively guided by Spirit and every morning we’ll connect with ourselves and each other in unconditional love.

After the lunch break, we’ll meet at one of the beautiful sacred places that I wanna take you to. (Like the grave of Sct Clare, the monasteries and churches that are calling the most.)

I’ll either guide a meditation in the place or give you an activating question to walk with – to allow the energy to move and touch you. And open the eyes and ears of your heart.

In the evening those who feel like it can meet for dinner in town…


The Soul Journey will be three full days – in the heart of Assisi.

Starting Friday of February (At 10.30 in our meeting place)

Ending Sunday of February (At 6 pm – or after the last dinner in the night)


You can fly to Rome, and take the train or rent a car from there.

Assisi is two and a half hours away by car or two-three hours by train.

There are also other options: Perugia is very close (10 km) and Florence is also an alternative to Rome (same distance)

I’ll create a Facebook group 3 months before, where you can make plans if you wanna travel together, share a room, or something like that.


My events are created after a flexible model – your ticket covers participation and the experience.

That means you can choose freely how you’d like to stay, depending on your wants and needs.

I’ll find a lovely place for our morning gatherings. Maybe you wanna book your stay there.

Or you can book an Airbnb, or hotel – maybe even try staying at a monastery nearby.


For the ten first fierce souls

249 euros

(Going up to 400 euros)

Write to to secure your spot right away.


Just write to me – I’m here for you. Can’t wait to share these heart-opening and beautiful days with you and our soul sisters.

Terms & Conditions here.