Retreats, Training & Mentoring

Feeling drawn to meet, learn and unfold even more?

Live Retreats

At the moment all LIVE retreats are postponed, due to the world-situation.

Write me a note if you wanna pre-book a ticket for the 3-day Magical Writing Event in Alicante or 3-day Soul Journey to Avila. (

You’ll get 4-6 months’ notice when things are opening up.

Magical Writing Winter Retreat (All on Zoom)

Join our popular new Zoom Retreat – to unleash your magical pen.

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Saving the Wild

1:1 Magical Writing Mentoring


Let me help you birth the book from your soul.

As your mentor I’ll…

– Meet you right where you are in the process and guide you to the next step from session to session.

– Help you make the book irresistible and connect deeply with your readers. And bring the magic come even more forth in your storytelling and message.

– Help you stay in a joyful flow and release any blockages you meet on the way. I’ll be your believing mirror and loving midwife all the way.

– Guide you through the publishing process step by step – and help you create magnetism and abundance around your soul child.

– We can also talk “Book & Blissness” where I show you the way to merge your book and your soul’s work in a beautiful and powerful way.

– You can also have me as your creative editor on the whole book project in the end.

Book a free call to learn more and see if we’re a fit – just write me a note here: and I’ll get back to you.


Online Programs

Get my popular training to become a magical writer here – The Magic Box

Experiencing a dark night of the soul?

Get my treasured rescue program, Light Infusion, right here.