Magical Writer’s Winter Retreat

Beautiful Writer,

We’re thrilled to invite you to our new Winter Retreat – all online.

This is for soul-writers, word-weavers, magical writers of all kinds – new and experienced.

Just imagine for a moment. You’ve put hearts in your calendar. For a whole weekend to dive into your passion. Not only to learn and get inspired. But to WRITE your heart out. 

You’re lighting candles, snuggling up on the couch with a warm cup of tea, opening your favorite notebook…

And tune in on Zoom with your soul family of writers.


This retreat will MOVE you deep into the riches of your soul. 

We’ll invoke your most original ideas, guide you to write that story, poem, blog, chapter. 

And after these two days, you’ll sit with at least four pieces of magical writing – better than you ever thought you could write. 

You’ll have something to share instantly on social media or your blog – or maybe this is the beginning of the book you want to write in the time to come.

And you know new ways to call forth your magical words and stories.


The plot

We know that most of you live busy lives.

So, what if you show yourself the love of creating a light bubble of time and peace around yourself for this retreat? 

Maybe you can go to an inspirational place? (Maybe you can even gather to join with other writers – and create your own retreat-experience…) 


We’ll hang out live on Zoom:


Saturday, Feb. 13th

Morning session: 10-11.30

Afternoon session: 14-16

Writers Night: 20-21 

Sunday, Feb. 14th

Morning session: 10-11.30

Afternoon session: 14-16


All sessions will be recorded and uploaded in the FB group for the retreat – to watch or rewatch any time. Here you can also share your writing with each other if you like.


Early-Bird Price

Only 124 euros – Click here to secure your spot now 

You can even split your payment

(Just that you know, the spots are limited on Zoom – and you save 20% by booking now)


Behind the scenes



If you don’t know us already – we’re known as the Magical Writing Twins 😉

Andrea Gardner is a Hay House author, the woman behind the book “Change your words – change your world”. Besides her passion for creative writing, she’s also a powerful energy worker and healer – and loves to enhance the energy in your writing.

Eva Andrea is a spiritual teacher, author, and Magical Writing Mentor. She loves connecting you with your divinely inspired ideas – your soul-children. And bringing the magic forth in your writing is her greatest joy.

We’re the fierce souls running the Magical Writers Tribe.

And we’d love you to see you at this enchanting retreat.