Let me help you through the dark night

Light-Infusion – for The Dark Night of the Soul

– Online AID for conscious souls

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Beautiful soul,

Do you experience darkness?

A sense of confusion, blindness, unknowing – like walking in no-mans-land. Or the painful sense of having a weaker connection with your Source – or maybe even feeling like you’re left alone, abandoned by Universe?

Then you may be in a Dark Night of the Soul. (And hey, nothing is wrong with you, love…actually something BEAUTIFUL is happening on a soul level.)

This program is created especially for conscious souls like you. To bring light and aid when experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul.

This part of the transformational circle can be SO hard to go through – and every time we step into a new circle of expansion on our soul journey – we meet darkness. (Even if parts of us really, really want to avoid this bit.)

In my own awakening, I’ve become deeply familiar with both darkness and light. And I’ve traveled far into understanding and navigating The Dark Night of the Soul.

In my recent spiritual novel, I share some of these insights through my personal story.

But, I want to help you, even more, as I know how challenging this part of the awakening can be. And I also see, how some souls get kind of stuck by fear and resistance to this part of the journey…

You don’t need to be alone, dear. My heart beats to support you ❤

In this unique online program, I bring you light-infusions in a practical way. So you can walk with trust and grace through the night – and into your bright morning. More expanded, powerful and free to unfold your soul purpose than ever…




eva med ny bog 2


THE 4 SESSIONS – Including Guidance, Meditations, Practises and Prayers

Heart-Made especially to comfort, guide and light up your soul

What kind of darkness is this?

The Dark Night of the soul
(And the stages of the night)

Discovering the fast-track 

Light-Infusions right now


We’ll also cover:

  • The difference between depression, sorrow/crisis, and this spiritual darkness – and practices that lift your heart no matter what darkness you experience.
  • Why we need to experience darkness 
  • How long will it take? And how to avoid getting stuck in the darkness.
  • Can this become easier? What can I do?



I’ve added an hour long bonus-video about how I’m healing and balancing The Glass Girl in me… The vulnerable nervous system, I’ve lived with for 20 years after my first breakdown with stress/depression that started my awakening big time.

I’ve finally cracked the code, and can’t keep these insights for myself. So even if it’s another kind of darkness, I’ve now included this helpful and open sharing. I know that we’re often awakened by a crisis – and many experience this kind of vulnerability in their journey.

We also need to learn to adjust our system to the new lightfilled energies (like the Kundalini energy). I’m sharing it all here.



Here’s a look at the meditations and prayers you get…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


eva gennem porten

(It’s in English and you can watch it whenever you like – all can be downloaded as audio-versions as well)

I’ll give it to you for 75 euros.

When you order, you’ll receive your welcome email with access to the program instantly.




Let’s connect with the light burning in our hearts – to guide us through everything.

Hugs and blessings



P.S. Did you do the Soul-Quiz? AM I IN A DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL?

Get it for free here – and get clarity in a few minutes

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