Become a Magical Writer

Snow Party

Become a magical writer – learn the art of connecting deeply with your soul, your Divine inspiration, and your readers. They will fall in love with your work. 

Picture what it would feel like finally holding that book in your hands – knowing that it was irresistible, magnetic and magical. What would it mean to you? How would it open doors for you?

In my new online course – The Magic Box, I teach you all I’ve found and practiced to go from good to magical writing. This has meant the world to my work in general and my deep connection with my readers – and I want the same for you.

Can you imagine if your book or blog would be so enchanting that your readers started spreading the word, and became your best ambassadors? And not only that. What if you could write with Divine flow and joy, without blocking yourself and becoming exhausted?

It’s time to let the words move through you – sing your song on paper, raise your voice with ink.

If you feel the longing to write – you have the gift.



A new way of writing

“I’m the flute – the Universe breathes me”

When co-creating with the Universe you become a Magical Writer. Your writing comes alive – infused with wonder and recognition.

Many have asked me about my secrets – as my books have become known for their magical touch, deep layers, and transformational power.

And I’ve loved helping recognized authors bring this magic into their writing.

Now is the time to reveal it all to you. I would love you to experience this shift from writing well to writing magically.



Who is it for?

If you long to infuse your writing with even more inspiration, flow and glow – this is for you. And if you are curious about a more intuitive, feminine and spiritual approach to co-create with inspiration.

You’ll write with ease and joy. And you’ll experience that the book, children’s book or poetry, or whatever you’re creating – writes YOU. 

Magical Writing is also doing wonders on social media.


What’s in the box?

Snow Party

I’ve created 77 training videos, guided exercises, and meditations for you.

YOU shake the box and pick what you want to focus on.

No particular order. Your intuition and curiosity will show you around.

No stress. Just bliss. 


Find your Magical Writing Sweet Spot
– discover your unique sound. I guide you step by step to find your passion, fire, natural writing expression, hidden longings, and rich life experiences. You’ll get new clarity and confidence in yourself.

Your Magical Writing Wheel
– A full roadmap – from the first kiss to the birthday party. To understand the process of magical writing and how to go with the cycle step by step. No more confusion in the process.

Keys and writing feathers

Open the channel to your Divine Creator

  • Creative archaeology
  • Open the third eye – the angel of the soul
  • Surrender yourself to the never-ending stream of inspiration
  • Heal your writing-wounds
  • A shift from fear to love
  • Channeling & inspired writing


Unlock your enchanted pen

  • How to give yourself permission to write and create
  • The roots of writer blocks, the seven most common blocks, the process blocks. And how to unlock them all
  • Liberate your inner artist-child


Shape your instrument

  • How to write enchanting and unforgettable stories
  • How to connect deeply with your reader’s soul 
  • How your writing becomes healing and truly transformational
  • Recognize your own voice
  • My golden rules to enhance the magic in what you’ve written


Guided meditations & practices

  • Meet your inner muse – ask anything
  • Access your wonder-room
  • Merge with your soul-child 
  • Three most powerful practices for staying in the flow
  • Create nurturing and opening rituals and welcome inspiration


Giving birth

  • How to share your soul-child with the world (Publish or self-publish?)
  • How to create a readers group and get awesome testimonials
  • Honor the child and choose the clothes (covers and titles)
  • Activate the magnetism and create miracles
  • The birthday party

Cherries on the top

  • The story-corner: My own experiences with Magical Writing
  • Masterclass: Connect soul to soul on social media with Magical Writing. Your tribe will gather around you.

Let’s write, love

Price 299 euros

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 You have evergreen access.


People say…

I have never experienced anything like this. It is truly the most magical overflowing treasure chest of wisdom, practices, guidance, and loving advice. Eva Andrea is more than an amazing writer herself. She is such a wise teacher and she will take you through every part of the process from how to connect with divine inspiration and how to fine-tune your instrument, to how you deal with blockages of every kind. Lessons, meditations, and practices of all kinds. It has it all. Just do it.

– Anja Steensig, Author and Spiritual Teacher

“When I met Eva Andrea I just knew she had a great gift to share. I loved her energy, her meditations, and her workshops. These opened me up to meet my own Divine Muse and connect me to my soul child. I just knew I had to introduce her to others so more could connect with this magical experience ”

Kim Macleod, Author and Publisher

I have only recently discovered Eva and her magic, and already I feel so much has changed. I have been a very reluctant writer for most of my adult life. I know I ”can” write – I have the skills – but writing has been so connected to my head, and to old stories that start with “you should,” that even when I would feel a deep longing to write, I would stop myself. With what I’m discovering in The Magic Box, suddenly I feel like it is all possible again. Like I used to feel as a child when I believed with all my heart I would grow up to be a writer. Thank you, Eva Andrea!

– Franny Bryant-Scott, Artist and writer

Eva Andrea – the best MAGICAL WRITER mentor you can imagine. The way she is working with creative energy and holding the space for our inner magic- is beyond words. It’s magic itself. She is able to hold very high frequencies – for us to dive into our individual inner stories, magic and divine creation.

Maj Devara Leth, Artist and Writer

Eva Andrea is deeply genuine, heartful, and very competent. Her writing coaching gives me exactly what I need – and exceeds my expectations in a very special way.

The way I’m met, supported, and guided makes my creative process a unique journey. I feel this certainty that my book will become one-of-a-kind, and I get the motivation and stamina to continue – as Eva Andrea invokes my originality. I recommend this warmly. 

Maria Nistad Furebø, Coach & Writer

Kind words about my writing

How do you describe an angel? Eva Andrea speaks many languages but is most fluent in the Divine. Her writing is transcendent, lucid and magical, slipping softly between the cracks of linear time as she reveals the liminal space between two realities. Rarely have I encountered an author with such grace and power.
Andrea Gardner, Hay House Author – ‘Change Your Words, Change Your World’

Eva Andrea has a natural gift for storytelling and captivating audiences. Her style is open, generous and authentic​. She has a rare gift for honestly inviting you into her heart and sharing her soul for the benefit of healing us all. I’ve experienced Eva’s live stage presentations as well as her writing and the beauty, depth, humility and inspiration she pours into her work is palpable.
Dr. Andrea Pennington,  Bestselling Author, TV-Host and Producer

We rarely see literary sense, blooming spirituality and courage to share such a meaningful message – going hand in hand as beautifully as here. Eva Andrea is a completely effortless storyteller. She befriends the world of words and let them light up from the inside and become living openings of poetry, sensuality and silent power.
– Søren Hauge, Danish Author and Spiritual Teacher

So deeply touching and so truly grateful to meet an Angel, a soul sister of pure Divine Beauty. Eva’s writing, speaking and stage presence is deeply felt and is an immense blessing.
Paul Luftenegger, International Multi Award Winning Singer/Songwriter of Conscious Music

Eva Andrea has surpassed herself and written one of the most beautiful books I’ve read. Such a sparklingly, shivering, touching and genuine story about the painful journey through light and darkness in the spiritual awakening. I can’t recommend it warmly enough. Just read it.
– Anja Steensig, Author and Spiritual Teacher

Eva Andrea, women all over the world need, want and long for your fantastic book and insights.
Mark Victor Hansen, Bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

Eva takes me on a female quest into her innermost chambers of soul discovery and divine insight in her new books. Purpose, dedication and trust are the three virtues that she uses to open the gates directly to my heart. Behind veil upon veil, Eva invites me to listen carefully and indulge wholeheartedly in the mystery, as I witness her journey to pursue her deepest purpose in life.
A true soul journey is not without trials and I lived through all of Eva’s challenges, her longing and commitment in her beautiful and honest books. The books are a must-read if you long to live your true purpose and let the whisper of your Soul become louder and more unavoidable. Thank you for the revelations, Eva!
Didde Flor, Stillnessrevolution