Activate Your Golden Touch -12. th of June – Weekend Workshop – LIVE on Zoom

My angel, are you also tired of the old way, forcing and struggling?

This is for love walkers and lightworkers, my sisters and brothers… longing to shine and create even more glowing magnetism around your soul’s work.

I don’t need a crystal ball to see my future or to know how everything will unfold with my work. I’ve found that the only thing I need to do is ask…

“Am I in alignment with my soul at this moment? Do I follow my inner guidance, right now? How can I serve Love today? How can I create even more magic for even more souls today?”

That’s how I stay in the flow of magic and beautiful synchronicities. That’s my DIVINE STRATEGY for everything I create, also my flourishing blissness – with always overbooked workshops, retreats, and coachings 🌸

There’s a NEW way of living, creating, and serving – so graceful, intuitive and divinely guided, springing from pure love and light….

And now I’m ready to share it step-by-step with you in the new workshop: Activate Your Golden Touch.

I’ll simply share all my secrets with you, and teach you HOW TO DO, WHAT I DO ✨

Focusing on tapping into your amazing soul energy, magical copywriting, and a new way of sharing your offerings. All from a sincere and loving heart.

  • You can also have a wild opening rate on your newsletters
  • you can also have long waiting lists for your retreats and workshops
  • you can also connect soul to soul with “your people” and feel deeply fulfilled.

Let me know if you wanna hear more ❤️ (The first 20 spots are already taken, so write to NOW not to miss it.)

I love you and I know this might be the answer to your prayers.

Hugs and blessings




We’ll meet both Saturday and Sunday at these times:

10-12 am (CET)

14-16 am (CET)

(And everything will be recorded and shared in replays the following week)

See Terms & Conditions for tickets here