About Eva Andrea

Beautiful soul,

I’m here to remind you how connected you are – to your magical Soul, your Divine Creator, and your Soul Family.

Since I was initiated and had a direct meeting with the Divine Love eight years ago, I’ve surrendered to serving love and allow it to unfold from my soul. All my work is soul-driven. I just follow what wants to be shared and created. A body of work has emerged this way and keeps unfolding as I walk my path.

Let’s join hands, love – and walk each other home.


In my spiritual novels, I share my own raw and wondrous soul journey – through darkness and light. My books have become known all over Scandinavia for their beauty, deep layers, and transformational power.

Over the years I’ve also become a sought-after magical writing mentor, speaker, and teacher.

I love sharing the secrets on how to connect soul to soul with your reader and become a truly magical and unforgettable writer.

Join my new online training The Magic Box to discover Magical Writing.

In The Magical Writers Tribe, you can share your journey with kindred spirits and have a flow of inspiration.

Also, let me know if you want me to mentor you personally, in your writing process. I’m an experienced and loving midwife for these beautiful “Soul Children”.



From the beginning The Divine Feminine has called me to create sacred space for my sisters to connect and unfold.

My retreats are widely known for their magic – the love and activation we experience in these gatherings keep humbling me.

I’ve trained and initiated seven groups of Woman Circle Leaders over the last years – and the next training will be in September 2021 (On Zoom.) Write me a note if you feel the calling.

You can also join The Magdalene Circle – for devoted souls gathering once a month on Zoom to share the journey and step into our soul’s mission.

I’d love to connect with you, dear one –  just find me on Facebook and Instagram. 

And have a look at all of my gifts – right here.

Thank you for answering the calling of your soul, walking YOUR path and joining hands.

We don’t need to walk alone.

It’s time to rise together…

Much love

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P.s. Connect by email: eva.ditlefsen@gmail.com


Kind words about my work

How do you describe an angel? Eva Andrea speaks many languages but is most fluent in the Divine. Her writing is transcendent, lucid and magical, slipping softly between the cracks of linear time as she reveals the liminal space between two realities. Rarely have I encountered an author with such grace and power.
Andrea Gardner, Hay House Author – ‘Change Your Words, Change Your World’


Eva Andrea has a natural gift for storytelling and captivating audiences. Her style is open, generous and authentic​. She has a rare gift for honestly inviting you into her heart and sharing her soul for the benefit of healing us all. I’ve experienced Eva’s live stage presentations as well as her writing and the beauty, depth, humility and inspiration she pours into her work is palpable.
Dr. Andrea Pennington,  Bestselling Author, TV-Host and Producer


We rarely see literary sense, blooming spirituality and courage to share such a meaningful message – going hand in hand as beautifully as here. Eva Andrea is a completely effortless storyteller. She befriends the world of words and let them light up from the inside and become living openings of poetry, sensuality and silent power.
– Søren Hauge, Danish Author and Spiritual Teacher


I will always cherish hearing Eva Andrea speak and share her awakening-journey on stage in Alicante, Spain. Eva’s BEAUTIFUL on stage and her direct heart and soul sharing is the GIFT she has. The audience was captivated in her ability to share a story and an experience of spirit. So deeply touching and so truly grateful to meet an Angel, a soul sister of pure Divine Beauty. Eva’s writing, speaking and stage presence is deeply felt and is an immense blessing.
Paul Luftenegger, International Multi Award Winning Singer/Songwriter of Conscious Music


Eva Andrea has surpassed herself and written one of the most beautiful books I’ve read. Such a sparklingly, shivering, touching and genuine story about the painful journey through light and darkness in the spiritual awakening. I can’t recommend it warmly enough. Just read it.
– Anja Steensig, Author and Spiritual Teacher


Eva Andrea, women all over the world need, want and long for your fantastic book and insights.
Mark Victor Hansen, Bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series


Eva takes me on a female quest into her innermost chambers of soul discovery and divine insight in her new books. Purpose, dedication and trust are the three virtues that she uses to open the gates directly to my heart. Behind veil upon veil, Eva invites me to listen carefully and indulge wholeheartedly in the mystery, as I witness her journey to pursue her deepest purpose in life.
A true soul journey is not without trials and I lived through all of Eva’s challenges, her longing and commitment in her beautiful and honest books. The books are a must-read if you long to live your true purpose and let the whisper of your Soul become louder and more unavoidable. Thank you for the revelations, Eva!
Didde Flor, Stillnessrevolution


























3 thoughts on “About Eva Andrea

  1. Kære Eva Andrea
    1000 tak for din skønne bog ‘Og jeg vågnede’. Den har været en virkelig god oplevelse at læse. Tak for alle indsigterne, din åbenhed og dit hjertemod, og ikke mindst for alt det du deler om parforholdets muligheder. Det er meget healende – også for den kollektive bevidsthed – oplever jeg. Det at vi er fornavne-søstre har gjort oplevelsen ekstra kraftfuld for mig.
    Kærlig hilsen
    Eva Lykke


    1. Kæreste Eva Lykke ❤ Tak for din hilsen – det varmer mig om sjælen at høre om dine oplevelser med bogen – tak at du deler med mig. Jeg elsker at du har mærket bogens kraft – og at være din navnesøster og sjælesøster på opvågningsrejsen. ❤ Kærligst Eva Andrea


  2. Hej Eva Andrea.🌞
    Ved ikke om det er rette sted jeg skriver.

    Har lige lyttet til Stine Schou Kvistgaards podcast, hvor hun interviewer dig.
    Jeg blev meget optaget og begejsret, da jeg netop er i en personlig og arbejdsmæssig rejse – herunder overvejelser om at skrive en bog, men har brug for at blive afklaret og være sikker på at jeg har mig selv med. Det kræver lidt mod og støtte.

    Jeg starter en individuelt forløb hos Stine i næste uge ift denne rejse. Derfor tænker jeg, at din “Magic box” kunne være til inspiration og en guide for mig. De to forløb hænger fint sammen i mit hoved og kan understøtte hinanden.

    I podcasten nævner du, at man kan få 100 euros rabat i forbindelse med podcasten. Gælder dette tilbud stadig?
    Bedste hilsner fra Lisbet😉🌞


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