Christmas Giveaway

Dear soul,

If you’re like me you love gifts!

I wanna treat you with a gorgeous giveaway this month.

You deserve all good things, and I’m SO delighted to inspire you in your journey…

Your words carry medicine and healing. Your voice brings hope and light. Your story matters.

Wouldn’t it feel lovely to win one of these gifts?

  • 3 x Exclusive 1:1 Clarity Session (online). To get clarity and help in your soul path or writing. (Value 200 euros per session)
  • 3 x The Magic Box – my popular online writing program (Value 299 euros per box)


How to join the giveaway?

1) Write a short comment below – why you’d like to win or just whatever you feel like. (Scroll down to the bottom of this page and the comment field shows up.)

2) Then share this post on social media (Insta or Fb) There’s a “Share button” below.

The winner will be picked by Divine serendipity on the 29. th of December. I’ll write the winner directly and announce the names in this post.


Thank you, thank you – I’m soooo moved by all your heartwarming sharings and comments.

The happy winners have been chosen with eyes closed and are:

Portugal Retreat: Gry

Clarity Sessions: Aurora, Siren, and Kirsten

Magic Box: Mona, Berit, and Claudia

Wishing you the most blessed New year, dear ones.

One love,

Eva Andrea

P.S. I’m giving FREE MEMBERSHIPS in my blooming tribe for soulful writers. If you’re not already with us, just sign up here to be even more inspired.


27 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway

  1. I have already been blessed and won the Magical Writing retreat in Portugal, if I won a Christmas gift I would pass it forward to someone else

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  2. Retreat in Portugal is my manifestation dream, so winning the prize might be a way for the desires to come true ✨️. All prizes are great as whatever Eva does is like a gold for the soul💛.
    Also it’s Christmas 😍😍😍 – so let’s simply have some fun🎄🥳🎁

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  3. It is rare to meet someone, who stands in her mission to share and support with such raw vulnerability, authenticity, clarity, in alignment with highest guidance and from a heart of gold. I stand for these words in my own truth seeking mission with the wisdom of a crone and in gratitude. To know you is supportive just in itself, and your guidance is the icing on the cake. Much love for you, dear Eva.
    Christmas Giveaway. Both posted on my fb. Sending hug.

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  4. How much I already love being part of your wonderful soul tribe. And I am about to find my voice in my writing journet. It would be a bonus to win a Christmas surprice, and I know I would treasure it so much. So why do I want to win? I believe that my words would make a difference, both to myself, but also to a lot of other souls.
    Thank you for this opportunity,

    Lots of good wishes for the coming season and Love to all from Trini ♡


  5. I experienced a life changing journey with Eva in Avila and also in the seven sisters mastermind this Fall 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    So full of gratitude for the loving way Eva is doing everything she does ♥️♥️♥️

    She sure is a beacon to light the way in the Dark for those og us who have yet to shine our own light enough to light the way – and exactly that is also what Eva supports in each and everyone she connects with – in what way is needed 🧚🏼‍♀️🌈🌷🌟

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Lighting my fire 💥💥💥

    (Oh and I would love to join the writers retreat in Portugal🤞🏼😍


    1. I would love to win becauce- I have had a Dreams of writting a magical book for about 12 years. I have taken a writting course- been on a writting retreat – but all the time had the feeling that it is not now. In all the years have gone through a spirituel journey. I have had the feeling that I wasn’t ready. But this december I have felt that a lot has happened in my spirituel process. And now I feel more ready than ever before 😍🙏 and then happened the magic that I “accidently ” saw your Facebook side – and felt this is the finally sign that it is in 2023 I start writting my magical book.
      I have just startet my firm called Magic with angle sparkling 🧚‍♀️ in november- where I give Powerhealing and hypnose to earlier lives -so it is like all the puzzles fall together ❤ And I have just signed up for your tribe for writting – and are looking forward to follow the tribe 😍
      My best regards from
      Kirsten Spøer 🌺


  6. Oh my dearest Eva 💕

    How can I ever fully express the deepest gratitude in my heart for all the things you’ve already given me just by being you 🙏❤️

    Whenever I tap into your space in the writing tribe or in real life my heart opens and my soul sings. You see me as the story teller my soul knows I am ❤️

    Thank you for that! 🙏🧚‍♂️


  7. My heart is bubbling with joy and happiness, and it’s because you have been by my side, supporting regardless of whether it has been at the birth of a children’s book, illustrator or a silly YouTube kids channel.
    I wish, with all my heart, to be blessed with your magical writing retreat in Portugal. I feel the calling in my soul❤️
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your light and love beautiful Eva ✨🙏🏻❤️


  8. Dear I found it..
    I can be really confused sometimes of all the technical soul is very old so maybe my interest in this is not big and that’s why.
    Anyway.. at this time I am hibernating and feel that maybe I don’t have so much to contribute to this group at this time..
    But I hope and know it will change at the right time
    And I don’t know if you see and feel it too that the time is really speeding up at this time..the time goes so fast that I am having difficulty keeping up.
    But the world is shifting in a very big way at this time and forward to come so I am praying for all the innocent beings and Mother Earth herself. I have always had visions and have been a true dreamer since I was born
    I am very grateful to you because I see your heart and soul and you are truly love manifested and you are an old and wise soul who dares to give it to the world.
    I hope I also will be able to do this again because all I have in me..and around me burn in my soul to come out and to spread my wings and let out all the wisdom and power.
    I hope I will get the chance to meet you beautiful and the other beautiful souls..
    But that is in the hands of the Universe..
    So beautiful soul maybe this is some strange words I am writing now.
    But it became like this at this time..

    Love and hugs from me ❤


  9. İ have already been gifted with some of these amazing gifts – so if I win I would give it to someone who likes to write, and I think İ know who ❤️🌹


  10. Wow, this is a beautiful christmas gift. I would love to join the retreat or to receive one of the other beautiful gifts. You are an inspiration beautiful Sister 🙏❤️


  11. I would love to join the retreat in Portugal, I have a soulful connection to that country so I would love to travel there. I think that all of the beautiful gifts you give away, I would love. I love to write and would love to finish my book in 2023. Thank you for your inspiration and joy.


  12. Dear Eva, reminding me was already such a gift..I was busy these days. My son and his mother, my ex-wife, were visiting me, here in France.
    I’m feeling so blessed that they were coming to France, on the way to Switserland, seeing, feeling, experiencing the place, the surrounding where I’m living nowadays. They loved this trip together so much. And seeing how our son was treating and caring his mother was touching. And how blessed am i seeing the mother of our son arm- in-arm with my second ex-wife (no, no, I don’t marry again)as the first one needed some support climbing up the hill in the direction of the basilica. So natural, like it has always been in this way. And it fills my heart they love Vezelay and understand why I’m here and next year they will come back. I give thanks, i give thanks, i give thanks, And thank you Eva to give the opportunity to, inviting me to write whatever comes up. And it was this writing.


  13. How generous of you Eva Andrea. I feel so blessed already that I wish that the beautiful person who most will benefit of your gift receives it. Thank you for teaching us generosity. And merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.


  14. Eva is such a lovely genuine person. She gave me a free clarity call when I first joined the group, in which we discussed my songs and poems. The feedback she gave me was invaluable.

    I’d love to win any of the prizes but especially the calls. ✨🤍💐


  15. Eva is such a genuinely lovely person. When I first joined her group she gave me a free clarity call, in which we discussed my writing. The feedback she gave me was invaluable.

    I’d love to win more calls and and any other of her prizes.


  16. I love Portugal, it a country of miracles, and what bigger magic can happen to combine your presence of love and a miracle country with circle of magical writers… Its a quantum field of possibilities, I am still on a path of starting my book…I believe I should be ready to start it even without being gift receiver here, but if the universe aligns, I would be more than honoured to be in your presence and bring the magic of the miracles coming from within alive in real world. Thank you Eva and magical writers tribe, for all the magic together ❤️💫


  17. Dearest Eva ❤
    Always your open and generous heart spread love and gifts to us all.

    Portugal has such a magical pull on my soul, but I never went there. And a 1:1 with you I´m sure will be enlightning(and a little scary, because you see what I do not dare)

    See you and all my sisters in the tribes in 2023.

    Love Helle


  18. Dear Sister Eva, my meeting with you has been a deep healing and upliftment of my hearts longing, to get more and more free ❤️

    We have worked together for all of 2022 on a 1:1 basic, and the love and light you have send me in your sessions, has helped me in so many ways ❤️

    What 2023 will bring only God and the Godness knows, and I am looking forward to meet up with you again ❤️

    Love, blessings and in deep respect and gratitude

    Janne ❤️


  19. I L💓ve Gifts both receiving and giving them 🌸🌺
    I Trust when one of these Wonderful Eva Gifts is meant for me, it will Fly and Flow towards me…

    All my Love
    Arien Neira


  20. Ah Eva these gifts are straight from your heart! I’ve been trying to join one of your events since the lockin’s. I’m sending the message out to field so it can select if a gift has my name on it! Happy Holidays. Hugs Carolyn


  21. This year has been an adventure. Four trips with you Eva! Avila, Alicante, Avalon and Store Heddinge. So much has happened both on the inside and outside. I am so grateful. I hope to have the energy to finish my poetry book soon. Or when time is in. Thank you for being there beside me in giving birth to both my book, and myself, continuing the way of the soul. 🔆


  22. All of these gifts would be amazing to win. I am new to the group, and currently I am in the process of mapping out a draft for a book.

    I could use a notebook for the planning! And I sure could use some inspiration and guidance 😊

    I feel blessed to have found this group, and I look forward to following it in the coming months ❤


  23. “Virkeligheden har ingen veldefinerede hjørner. Jorden er ikke fast. Den består af molekyler og atomer, små bitte universer fyldt med rum. Den er et sted af lys, trolddom og fortryllelse. Bare man åbner øjnene.”

    Fra “Den fredelige krigers vej” Dan Millman.

    Eva, tak for at skabe kærlige rum for kreativ og hjertelig udfoldelse samt for at åbne mine øjne.


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