Tap into your divine flow

Hello love,

Are you feeling challenged or a little stuck these days? Longing to connect even deeper with the endless flow of energy and inspiration in your writing…

All the time, I help writers unblock and tap into their divine flow. And there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing the light and joy in their eyes when this opening happens.

That’s why I feel like making a Flow Feast – an evening of light, love, and magic.

This night we’ll have wonderful guests – and celebrate the joy of creating in the flow.

I’ll guide you through a powerful releasing process, where you unblock and tap into your flow.

Miracles happen when we let go of our fears – and allow ourselves to connect with this neverending stream…

Put a butterfly in your planner on Wednesday 23.th of November.

From 7-9 pm (CET)

We’ll meet LIVE on Zoom and I’ll give you an unforgettable experience.

The only thing you need to do is to sign up here – if you’re not already in my writers’ tribe.

Then you’ve secured your spot – and will get the replay as well. It’s all a gift.

You’ll go to bed feeling expanded, inspired and tapped in. And your pen will flow and glow like never before…

I’m soooo delighted to create this lovely feast.

Can’t wait to see you, dear one!


Eva Andrea

Writer, Speaker and Magical Writing Mentor

P.S. When signing up you automatically also get FREE evergreen membership in my tribe of soul-driven writers. (Value 200 euros per year)

P.P.S. Thinking of a soul friend who’d love to experience this too? Feel free to share the love…

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