Channeling Day – ready for a new opening?

My dear one,

Here’s a loving invitation for you…

Did you ever feel curious about channeled writing, drawn to it, or maybe even sometimes wondering if you’re already doing it? Or did you feel a longing and also mixed feelings of fear or unworthiness? Then this day is for you. (LIVE ONLINE)

My own journey with channeling and receiving letters from the other side started almost a decade ago. At that time I’d not even heard about channeling and didn’t know what was going on. I just surrendered to receiving these powerful messages and treasured them as beautiful gifts. Many of them have found their way into my books and I’m humbling aware that I’m just an instrument for Love to work through me.

Since the beginning, I’ve been guided deeply into how to connect and receive this light and love through my pen. Even angels, guides, and masters need co-workers on earth to translate and transmit wisdom and light-filled consciousness.

These days I’m helping many writers to receive and publish channeled books as well as other soulfully inspired books. Many have been guided on my path in mysterious ways to get my help. It seems like there’s a push from the other side, more than ever – to get these messages through.

This week I started getting the gentle nudge: Make a Channeling Day. Teach how to connect, open up, and receive channeled messages. And as soon as I said an inner yes, the whole day came down in a moment.

It will be like a workshop where I’ll guide you into opening your channeling gifts even more. You’ll experience channeling on your pages and learn two simple ways to allow the messages through. I’ll make you feel safe and grounded all the way through.

Put a heart in your calendar:

Saturday March – LIVE ONLINE

Morning session: 10-12 (CET)

Afternoon session 14-16.30 (CET)

Evening Gathering 20-21.30 (CET)

(You’ll also receive all the replays the following week)

Feeling the calling? Book your ticket here today

The spots are limited to make it an intimate group

Price: 99 euros

(If you’re already in my tribes, there’s a special coupon code to use. Check your inbox.)

And just let me know if you wonder about anything…

I feel SO blessed to share this journey with you.

With so much love


Eva Andrea

2 thoughts on “Channeling Day – ready for a new opening?

  1. Helloooo Eva! It has been an entire year since I connected with you about writing. I have been pouring myself into a magical unfolding of my personal work in the world and expressing my truth through spoken words outside of writing and yet I know on a deep level that my soul is here to write one day and that I must stay connected to nurturing, watering this gift from time to time. I will be traveling to Kauai, Maui and California at the time of this workshop. Do you feel I would benefit if I am unable to participate live and simply watch the replays when I’m home in mid-April?

    I am sending so much love and light to you! I haven’t forgotten that I made a commitment to exploring my writing gifts. Thank you for your patience as I ride the wave of creative expansion with my coaching and energy work 🙏🏻.

    Be well, Sara


    1. Aww, so beautiful hearing from you, dearest Sara ❤ I love feeling your inner yes to discover your writing gifts and what wants to be written through you, in one way or another. I’d say that you can absolutely get a lot out of joining in your own time and watching the replays. I’ll take you through guided meditations to open up and connect and hold your hand the whole way. Of course, it’s always wonderful to be part of a live experience, but I’m sure you’ll feel the love and energy across time and space 😉 I’d also love to talk to you 1:1 when you feel like it again, just let me know…big love and enjoy your traveling!


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