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Happy News – Magical Writing Summer Retreat

Beautiful Soul,

We’re thrilled to invite you to our new Summer Retreat – all online.

This is for soul-writers, word-weavers, magical writers of all kinds – new and experienced.

Just imagine for a moment. You’ve put hearts in your calendar. For a whole weekend to dive into your passion. Not only to learn and get inspired. But to WRITE your heart out. 

You’re enjoying the sun, pouring yourself a long cool drink, opening your favorite notebook…

Tuning in on Zoom with your soul family of writers.

This retreat will MOVE you deep into the riches of your soul. 

We’ll invoke your most original ideas, guide you to write that story, poem, blog, chapter. 

And after these two days, you’ll sit with at least four pieces of magical writing – better than you ever thought you could write. 

You’ll have something to share instantly on social media or your blog – or maybe this is the beginning of the book you want to write in the time to come.

And you know new ways to call forth your magical words and stories.

The plot

We know that most of you live busy lives.

So, what if you show yourself the love of creating a light bubble of time and peace around yourself for this retreat? 

Maybe you can go to an inspirational place? 

We’ll hang out live on Zoom:

Saturday, June 5.th

Morning session: 10-11.30

Afternoon session: 14-16

Writers Party: 20-21.30 

Sunday, June 6.th

Morning session: 10-11.30

Afternoon session: 14-16

All sessions will be recorded and sent by email – to watch or rewatch any time. 

Early-Bird-Price – Save 50%

Only 149 euros – Click here to secure your spot now. (You can even split the payment)

(Going up to 299 euros)

THE SPOTS ARE LIMITED – as we want the retreat to be intimate. So go and grab your spot right away to be sure not to miss it.

Behind the scenes


If you don’t know us already – we’re known as the Magical Writing Twins 😉

Andrea Gardner is a Hay House author, the woman behind the book “Change your words – change your world”. Besides her passion for creative writing, she’s also a powerful energy worker and healer – and loves to enhance the energy in your writing.

Eva Andrea is a spiritual teacher, author, and Magical Writing Mentor. She loves connecting you with your divinely inspired ideas – your soul-children. And bringing the magic forth in your writing is her greatest joy.

We’re the fierce souls running the Magical Writers Tribe.

And we’d love to see you at this enchanting retreat.

Kind words after our last Zoom-Retreat

– I feel much more joy and aliveness

– I have become more confident and realized that I absolutely adore sharing my work and my poems and using my voice.  It has also reminded me how little fun I have had for such a long time since lockdown and how easy and simple it can be to have some fun.

– I feel lightness, opening, much joy and laughter

– These exercises made writing more fun – I love all the explorations and what comes through. Thank you 

– The magic in making space for my writing. So I can write and write. Write from my heart without disturbances. Let my heart gently be guided by Eva Andrea and Andra Gardner’s lovely voices. Giving tools and inspiration. Together with beautiful writing heart sisters. Writing together in the same space. Sharing and connect while we let our hearts and souls speak through the paper. Letting the pen flow…It is pure WRITING MAGIC

–  A shift for me was, yesterday I discovered the book of The Richness of Earth, with the secret of enjoying LIFE, being fulfilled, loved.

– I´ve found MY way of writing. And realized that my words can fill others with love and energy

– I can’t wait to write – there has been a pause for too long, so now I am eager to write, write, write

–  I feel so blessed and filled up with gratitude…

– I have so much more inspiration, light, depth…creativity – feel like writing and writing

–  I have a new key to write – to just go from what I am attracted to and take it from there. It was wonderful to discover what can happen when I just did that

– Just giving myself the time to BE a writer for the weekend has been really great. Spaciousness for myself.

– Seeing how much I  want to challenge myself in terms of writing, claiming even more time and space for it.

– Thank you for the lovely and powerful exercises to take with me

– I’ve fallen in love with my inner child!

– Freedom to use many different types of exercises to start writing. synchronicity, every time we went to the breakout rooms. Connecting to myself in so many ways (prayer, dancing, meditation…) Thank you!!!

– Soooo lovely to meet other writers!

– I also love the fact you created spaces for people to write and speak in their native language.

– This retreat has definitely brought the joy and the playing part of writing back into my life, and I will bring it into my life and begin to write again, the magic and fairytale energy is brought to life…. just love writing and lovely to meet people like me who love the magic of words. Thank you so much 

Give yourself this treat, we’ll love to see you.

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