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Giveaway – 3 Magic Boxes

Become a magical writer – learn the art of connecting deeply with your soul, your Divine inspiration, and your readers. They will fall in love with your work. 

This weekend I give away 3 x The Magic Box – My new powerful and highly popular online training (Value 300 euros per course). Scroll down to comment and give Universe a chance to bless you with this…

Picture what it would feel like finally holding that book in your hands – knowing that it was irresistible, magnetic, and magical. What would it mean to you? How would it open doors for you?

In my new online course – The Magic Box, I teach you all I’ve found and practiced to go from good to magical writing. This has meant the world to my work in general and my deep connection with my readers – and I want the same for you.

Can you imagine if your book or blog would be so enchanting that your readers started spreading the word, and became your best ambassadors? And not only that. What if you could write with Divine flow and joy, without blocking yourself and becoming exhausted?

It’s time to let the words move through you – sing your song on paper, raise your voice with ink.

If you feel the longing to write – you have the gift.


The 3 winners are picked by Destiny at midnight, Sunday, December 20.th and get contacted by email and announced here…

THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR WONDERFUL, OPENHEARTED SHARINGS. I’M DEEPLY TOUCHED…The winners were picked (eyes closed) by my daughter. Congratulations: Helle True, Eva Lykke & Marianne Milda!


28 thoughts on “Giveaway – 3 Magic Boxes

  1. For long I have wished for and prayed for the ability to write from my heart, with light and love. But the words that come are both dark and plain. I just recently opened myself to the possibility, that this is my gift. My ego still fights it. The magic box will help open my heart to this and find the words and voice to help heal, the world❤


    1. Hei Eva 💜😀. Mitt ønske er å kunne skrive om veien og sjelekontrakten. Hjelpemidler i form av plantemedisin og det å overgi seg. Da jeg var mindre så var jeg veldig glad i å skrive og å fortelle fantasihistorier. Det finnes ingen grenser så lenge det blir gjort i kjærlighet. Jeg ønsker å finne denne gleden igjen, for den stoppet opp et eller anna sted 🤷‍♀️. 💜🙏🌈💥💕


  2. Takk kjære Eva for all din raushet og kjærlighet❤️. Jeg ønsker å skrive fra min sjel om sannheten som bor i hver og en av oss. Jeg ønsker å berøre de som ennå sover men hører sin hjertens hvisken. Jeg ønsker å skrive fra min sjel til en annen. Varm klem🙏🏻


  3. I love to write, but I am kind of stuck in all areas of my life for the time beeing. I love your books and your energy, and it would be amazing to reconnect to writing and to my soul with the guidance from you and The magic box 💞❤️💞


    1. Jeg elsker energien i bøkene dine. Det gir meg mye, slik at ikke bøkene bare er ord, men hele energien de er skrevet med ( i tillegg til ordene såklart : D ) Jeg ønsker å skrive med min sjels energi og ikke la ulike former for frykt styre hva jeg skriver. Jeg øver meg, og tror at dine redskap vil hjelpe meg til å tørre og være i den frie flyt enda mer. ❤


  4. You are such a gift, Eva… When I think of you I connect you with gifts, love and blessings. The magical mideife of the gift of floeing words unfolding through their hearts. I can imagine yet holding my book, I feel it is coming soon, I feel it will be speacial as it will guide me and others on the healing journey towards hearing of our own powerful voice, a voice, that whispers our truth in moments of silence in a magical dance, towards beuty, transcendence in wonderful caddence, that could neve be felt as dense, like flower flowing in dance with nature and opening the next creature, the next creation of elevation, towards magic, passion, and joy that met at intersection, called Life for you to Thrive 💜💚💙🌈💚💜🌈❤️💙


  5. My heart and soul seems to wanna share something. To light up the way for others. My head and hand are just not following yet… I hope 🙏🏻


  6. Thank you for all your love&light, and for your generousity dear Eva 💖 I love to write, but struggle to find the right words, to find the “sparkling” words to express my work, my passion and my purpose. This holds me back, and of this reason I have a tendensy to postphone “going out there” and to be visible. I would love to learn and get inspired by the expert 🙏❤


  7. Dear Eva 🤩Jeg skriver til deg nå for å fortelle hvor mye jeg gleder meg til kurset ditt i januar! Men også fordi jeg bare kan tenke meg hva man kan lære av dine erfaringer og fordi jeg har et ønske om å virkelig blomstre som et skrivende menneske Om jeg ikke vinner har jeg en god venninne i tankene ❣️


  8. Dear soul-writer.

    I have, right now, 3 different books emerging through my mind, soul and the magical land: beyond explanation.

    I would appriciate any support, which will allow some of this to happen.

    I believe my written words have the potentiale of teaching and freeing souls, showing light and possibilities on their way forward and beyond 🙏❤️🙏

    Bless you for being around in these times 🙏


  9. Dear luminous Andrea, my writing desire or rather my desire to share, was ruined in a writing process last fall. I so sincerely hope that “The Magic Box” can help me, because I have so much on my heart and my soul longs to be heard.

    With deep respect Alice


  10. Kjære Andrea,

    Jeg har et inderlig ønske om å nå inn til – eller ut til flere voksne “hjelpere” som brenner for å hjelpe sårbare barn og unge. Jeg både skriver og tegner/maler. Bildene ble til i egen sorgprosess, og sammen med tekster knyttet til hvert bilde, har de allerede hjulpet veldig mange voksne, barn og unge. Men jeg synes det er tungt å skrive nå, tungt å poste på Sosiale medier, som er “min arena” nå, og trenger hjelp til å få tilbake energien, gløden, “my passion”.

    Jeg får ikke fred for dette “oppdraget”, og har en indre driv etter å jobbe videre for å inspirere mange, mange flere “hjelpere” så barn og unge som trenger det kan få hjelp tll å sette ord på vanskelige tanker og følelser. Få håp, og hjelp til å komme videre.

    Varme tanker og mye lys til deg ❤ Åse


  11. My heart started whispering about writing a book for so many years ago, but still something stops me in getting the words out. Fear or self sabotage – or perhaps it´s the same? – is holding me back. Maybe now it´s time to raise..


  12. Oh what a wonderful joy to receive such a gift, I have felt the desire to write a book that is both inspiring and moving, one that will open the world of the person reading it. I have struggled with finding just the right words and I long to feel connected to others with my gift. Thank you for the opportunity, life has dealt some limitations at the moment and I am just looking to open a new door in my life. Eva your beautiful way of delivering guidance would be such a gift. Much love and gratitude for this opportunity. 🥰


  13. Dear Beautiful women and soul ❤

    I would love to be so lucky
    win because I am writing on my book to contribute to all women who have been abused through childhood or/and been exposed violent behavior in life as grown up or child.But I am in a place where I am stuck. I wanna tell my story and the way I got through it and lots of tools for women to help them through the body, soul and heart. Huge hugs to you and the winner ❤


  14. Jeg vil blive så dybt taknemmelig hvis jeg bliver en af de 3 heldige vindere af en Magic Box.
    Jeg har lige udgivet min første børnebog: Den Blå Fjer – et børnemeditationseventyr og jeg kan mærke at endnu flere spirituelle børnebøger vil ud i verden og derfor kunne det være intet mindre end fantastisk hvis The Magic Box kunne bidrage til at skabe høje vibrationer til alle børn der kommer i kontakt med mine bøger. 🥰🤞❤️


  15. I am so Happy for my Magic box, and I want a friend who is also writing to experience the same. It would be a wonderful Christmas surprise for her. 🎁


  16. Dear Eva ❤

    When you taught me to lead a Soul Sister Circle, a seed of inspiration was planted deep in my heart. The seed already grows and unfolds in the pages of a book in progress. It is nourished by the spiritual longings, tales and dreams of the beautiful Soul Sisters attending my Circles.
    The Magic Box would be the treasure unfolding my book completely ❤ I am so thankfull for the oppotunity to win ❤


  17. Winning this fantastic gift would give me two major benefits :
    – Finally give in to a yearning that had been with me to write. It will give me the courage to follow my dreams.
    – Getting to connect with a beautiful, courageous woman that I have so far only briefly met on Facebook 😍


  18. Kære Eva
    Sikke en vidunderlig gave.
    Jeg sidder netop nu og læser “Bagom alt kan jeg høre din sang”, mens resten af familien sover. Jeg elsker din måde at skrive på, og den måde jeg bliver draget med ind i din historie på. Det vækker mange genkendende følelser og jeg mærker lysten til at skrive igen banke på. En følelse som jeg har ignoreret i lang, lang tid. Tænker, at din gave ville hjælpe mig igang ♥️
    Ønsker dig og jer andre en dejlig og smuk adventssøndag.


  19. Jeg vet, så inderlig godt, at min healing ligger i å uttrykke det som lever i meg. Uttrykke det som har vært undertrykt, visket ut, holdt nede. Jeg kjenner det i hver celle når jeg nå skriver, jeg kjenner smerte i kjevene mine, passasjen fra hjerte, via hals og ut gjennom munnen. Det er ikke en ny oppdagelse. Jeg har kjent dette før. Frykt, hvorfor er du så stor?

    Men jeg merker også min sjels lengsel og mitt hjertes store, stille ønske for meg; at mine ord, min indre sannhet, skal få luft, vind under vingene, bli satt fri.
    Jeg kjenner det så tydelig. Tårene renner stille. Dette er viktig. For lille, store meg.
    Takk, Eva, for å hjelpe meg å tydeliggjøre min sjels visken akkurat nå.
    Dette må bli en grunnsten for veien videre, inn i 2021.
    Det er tid for healing nå. Frihet og fred i hjertet.
    Fra mitt hjertet. Takk 🙏🏻❤️


  20. Thank you, dearest Eva, for your big heart and generosity ❤️
    This gift – should I ever be so lucky to win it – would be… I feel like it would be the gentle push I need to dare. To dare write this delicate book I carry inside. Regarding a subject wrapped ind tabu and stigmatisation… To dare to write it without fear… It’s time. It’s ripe. I just have to dare.

    I’m certain, that the magical writing box is all about lifting, supporting and revealing what already is in all of us. In all of these beautiful souls, that have written wonderful comments and are attracted to this give-away fest. The attraction is key and the only reason I chose to write a comment too.
    Your post and mail are very insisting right now and keep shoving up everywhere I look, it seems 😂

    I wish for anyone to win this precious gift and write this comment to celebrate all the good energy you bring Eva, in doing this and in being who you are.
    Thank you ❤️


  21. Jeg har to bogprojekter på bedding, men begge er så store og uoverskuelige, at jeg bliver totalt lammet bare ved tanken om at gå i gang – kombineret med tvivlen på, om jeg nu også kan…
    Men tænk hvis…


  22. Thank you for being so inspiring and lightning up the path of generosity – which I have not dared to explore fully.
    My writing journey would receive some important healing and encouragement from the Magic Box. It would shine light in the dark places, pour gentleness on the hard inner voice and add playfulness to the writing.
    It would feel like a tremendous encouragement for my writing to win the magic box😍


  23. What a wonderful gift Eva Andrea. Thank you. I already feel the magic of being member of the magical writer’s tribe, so I would be delighted to experience the magic box too. I also have a wonderful friend, I would love to give it to, if I am one of the lucky ones.


  24. Tror på The magic box kan hjælpe med at give mig mod til at få skrevet og delt fra hjertet – det er så vigtigt for mig, men samtidig svært❤️


  25. Kære Eva,
    Jeg elsker at skrive og elsker ordets magi. Men mit budskab bliver let formidlet fra hjernen og jeg ved at min sjæl og mit hjerte er så meget mere vise. Og det ved jeg at du kan hjælpe til at åbne for, så alle planer af mit væsen bliver klar til den formidling som ligger for mig ❤💚 tak for at du er – med alt hvad der er dig 😘


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