#Soul Chocolate

Wanna heal those permission-wounds? (REPLAY Soul Sister Sunday)

Got a treat for you today, sis.

Enjoy the whole replay from this morning – and step into your full soul power. It’s time to shine, my love.


Our powerful connecting ritual => Min 7

Stories and sharing => Minute 10.30

The EMBODIMENT practice – step into your sacred circle => Minute 27




Click here if you want to see the comments and comment yourself 😉 

Do you have a song to sing? If you have a secret longing to write and express from your soul – then say YES to yourself and get THE MAGIC BOX  To unleash your enchanted pen.

When booking NOW you get six months in The Magical Writers Tribe for free – like a cherry on the top.

Wonder if YOU have a soul child inside? A book, poems, songs, blog, children’s book or other written words waiting to be born through you…

Got a soulchild will give you clarity in 3 minutes =>

Can’t wait to see you same place –  next Sunday 9 am (Copenhagen time)
Hugs & Blessings

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