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Becoming a lighthouse. The moment that changed everything…(New podcast)

Is your soul whispering and calling these days? Then you’ll LOVE this new podcast episode. I’m sitting down with Dr. Andrea Pennington, for a soul to soul talk – about her journey of awakening and transformation. What a beautiful being, Andrea is. What an uplifting and inspirational story…



Now, imagine this amazing woman, accomplishing everything she dreamed of

– and THEN it gets empty and dark, her soul begins calling…

“I left my body and started to go towards a light, and I kind of thought: Where is this light coming from? The light wasn’t outside, it was in my consciousness – and at that point I realized:

Oh my God, my answers are being heard, I’m taken out of this life, out of this body. And it was scary in one sense…on the other hand, I felt such peace, such tranquility, such love.

I literally felt ONE with everything, all that is. I wasn’t separate, I wasn’t me, I was becoming one with all…”

Click here and join this deep conversation on…

  • How Andrea found the courage to follow the calling from her soul
  • The profound and sometimes fun ways she’s guided by the Universe
  • The vision showing her why she’s here…
  • What Andrea would love all awakening women to know

andrea + siena

Become even more inspired:

Meet and connect with Andrea

Are you a lightworker?

Want a stong and vital Body Temple?

I’ll treasure these beautiful moments with Andrea in my heart…

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Danish author and mentor for awakening women 


2 thoughts on “Becoming a lighthouse. The moment that changed everything…(New podcast)

  1. Kære Eva Andrea, wow, den podcast er fantastisk!!!! ❤️ Det er så tydeligt at det kræver et kæmpe mod at handle ud fra sin sjæls kalden… Og en ukuelig og tillidsfuld tro på at være på rette vej i al frygten omkring økonomi med ansvaret for mindre børn… Og hvor jeg ender i det… Tak for dig og det du deler… ❤️ Knus Mette ❤️


    1. Hvor ER det en smuk hilsen – tak kæreste Mette, for at dele med mig ❤ Jeg elsker at du finder lys og håb i at lytte med – al kærlighed til dig på din modige rejse ind i din sjæls kraft. Tak for dig, smukke væsen. xx


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