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Make me a channel of your Love. Transformation in all shades. (New podcast with Anja Steensig)

This new podcast episode can be the light you’ve longed for. The hope you’ve missed. An angelwing around your shoulders. Anja Steensig is one of a kind. She’s a profound spiritual teacher, with exceptional depth and love. She’s see-through like an angel. Honest like a child. Walking her talk with devotion. 


Let’s jump right in:

“I’ve just been at the very peak of my professional journey. Held this big event about love…had an experience of really truly stepping into who I am and what I’m here for. And that room was just filled with love and magic. Monday morning I woke up in the deepest darkness…”

Join Anja and me in this new podcast – it’s raw, soul to soul.

Anja shares:

  • What this soul journey feels like sometimes
  • Why she left her job as a radio host, without a plan B
  • What seven months in a dark night of the soul, did to her heart
  • What to do if you experience a dark night of the soul
  • The “biggest lie” about what drives her
  • An experience with Universe that literally threw her to the ground in awe

Click here – join us for the full episode



Meet Anja online and live

I pray that every soul in awakening will find the way to Anja’s work. She’s such a blessing. Like a kiss from heaven. And you need that, walking this sometimes challenging inner path.

Yes, give me Anja’s healing videos on Youtube

Sounds wonderful – I wanna know more about her sessions or the event in 2019.




Thank you Anja, for sharing this beautiful hour with us. I love and admire you dearly.

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2 thoughts on “Make me a channel of your Love. Transformation in all shades. (New podcast with Anja Steensig)

  1. Kæreste Eva Andrea ❤️ Jeg ved jeg har sagt det før, men det er en ongoing levende og boblende taknemmelighed indeni der bare vil ud:

    Tak for endnu en podcast gave fra dig 🙏

    Jeg glædes for mig OG for alle andre der gives gaven. Du aner oftest ikke hvad det kan så, men så, det gør det, i mange af Verdensselvets forskellige menneskelige udformninger 🌈

    Af hjertet tak for den du Er og det du spreder 🌬️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️ Anette


    1. TAK kæreste Anette, for din fuldstændig vidunderlige hilsen…det varmer om sjælen. Og hvor er det smukt hvad du skriver – vores ord bæres som frø med vinden til de hjerter der venter på dem. Tak for dig og dit åbne hjerte…knus fra Eva Andrea


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