#Soul Chocolate

Becoming a mermaid – how to step into the light of your soul

avalon, 1

I’ve been enchanted by the light of Avalon Khaan for years. Now I finally got an evening with her – sitting by the ocean – to talk about her magical awakening journey. What an hour of sister-love, stories that gave me chills and deep recognition. 

I believe every woman who longs to step into her light and shine without fear and shame, will LOVE this episode.

Avalon shares:

  • “You got the wrong person” – the moment when connecting to her calling
  • The most challenging and vulnerable points on her way
  • The point of no return
  • What to practise, to become a lighthouse and stay balanced
  • How Universe speaks to her
  • What we must never forget

Click here to sit down with us – full episode for free


How to connect with Avalon and meet her live:

Follow on Instagram or Facebook – for inspiration and food for your soul

Join with 900 other women – the magnificent upcoming event with Avalon (Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark)

This girl is such a blessing and inspiration – I love her and I think you’ll do too 😉


avalon gul

I’d love you to share what it gave you to listen to this episode – comment in Soundcloud or below (scroll all the way down at your device, and you’ll see the commentary field) Write in English, Danish or Norwegian – and I’ll understand 😉

Hugs xx


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