#Er du i opvågning? · #Soul Chocolate · Rising Sisters - The Podcast

The secrets to healing and opening your heart to the Divine (New podcast)

Talking to Paul Luftenegger did something to me. I experienced a deep healing in my heart after the conversation. (Something I’ll have to share more about in my next book actually.) May this podcast heal and open your heart too… 


In this podcast you’ll get Paul’s secrets on how he:

  • experienced his awakening
  • learned to heal the pain in his heart
  • connects to God/Universe as a medium
  • opens his heart to our Source to create this Divine music
  • stays trusting and openhearted through struggles

And how you can do the same…


This podcast is rich in powerful examples and exercises – and I’m SO grateful to share this with you.

Click here to listen to the full episode


Click here to learn more about Paul’s beautiful work – and be along supporting his next powerful album

Thank you, precious soul brother – for sharing so openheartedly with us. You’re a shining light of love.  


P.s. Share with someone you love – and scroll down at your device to comment – I’d love to hear from you…



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