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Did your heart crack open?

“My heart aches so intensely, I just have to breathe through it…Did you experience this in your awakening too, Eva?”  I got this question in a message today, as many times before – here’s my answer:

So. This is a part of the awakening journey we need to speak more of…

Awakening isn’t just bliss. It can be wild, deep-going, vulnerable and very, very alive. 


I DO know about the joy – and the pain of awakening. In my bones. And, I don’t know how to fully explain it. But I’ll try:

Your awakening can be ignited by a crisis. A loss, breakdown, sorrow – that breaks the heart open, and allows the light of consciousness to stream into your heart.

The pain can be so severe that your consciousness instantly splits from the feelings and thoughts. From one moment to another you can realize being pure soul – experiencing life as a human being.

Now – the awakening can also go the other way around.

You can experience a subtle, step by step awakening, in glimpses. Now, what happens is, that you get aware of the fears and emotional pains you’ve been avoiding before.

Maybe it is:

  • Childhood pain, you’ve been escaping or soothing with sugar or addictions. Inner girls and boys, with bleeding knees and hungry eyes, start knocking at your door.
  • Transformation-pain, realizing that you need to align with what’s more true to you. And that’s one of the most vulnerable things. To step into your light (and maybe out of your “tribe”) risking being rejected or alone.
  • Past-lives-pain becoming conscious and released.
  • Dark-night-of-the-soul-pain – which is a chapter of its own. When the soul is going through a transformation and can feel left alone and abandoned – even if it’s not. (More about that in my coming book).

So. It’s part of the awakening to experience pain. Actually, it’s a sign that you’re on track – even if it doesn’t feel like it at all.

Healing the pain is possible. Through acknowledging it, holding it gently in your loving consciousness, breathing through it – and resting in trust.

But. There are tears you have to cry. For all the times you’ve abandoned your true self and maybe your inner children. These tears are actually healing the heart.

And you know, being with whatever is in this moment – is the inner path: Transforming pain and fear into love and beauty – like the lotus flower unfolding from the mud.

You’ll be able to feel at peace and feel the pain at the same time. As if you’re rocking the pain like a baby in your arms.

You’ll be more whole and fully alive. You’ll live with an open heart and let down your masks and shields.

So if you go through heartbreak or crisis – let it be an opening for light and love to flood your heart. Through the cracks, you start reconnecting to your eternal, unbreakable soul.

And if you feel the ache of unfelt pain, scars and abandoned inner children: welcome it. Give it the time it needs. Even if the pain needs years (or even decades) to pass fully through you. Let it.

Being with the pain will soften your heart – and you’ll become the most compassionate and humble soul. Able to heal others with your loving presence.

eva i biblioteket

Now, as I’m writing – I feel like giving you this from my heart to yours:


A heart prayer

My Source,

Thank you for holding me gently

When I can’t even hold myself

Thank you for healing my aching heart

I feel you in my breath

So close

Thank you that everything is given

To remind me

Of the eternal being

That I am

Help me to rest in you

        Now and forever

 – Amen, and so it is


What does it mean to you to read this? Share with me in a comment below – in English or Scandinavian (scroll down on your screen to see the comment box). I’ll love to hear from you.

With love


korrektminiaturetilblogAuthor of “Og jeg vågnede” in Danish – sharing my raw awakening journey. Get the book here

P.s. Are you Scandinavian? Click here to get my Danish Ebook: 10 tegn på at du er i opvågning – it’s a gift.

4 thoughts on “Did your heart crack open?

  1. Ja Eva en krise og en sterk hendelse kan ruske opp i sjelen og omgivelsene.
    Eg har vært i en storm inni mitt indre. Kjenne at mange følelser har lagt seg nye har komt. ❤❤Hjerte er mer åpent og sorgen mindre.


  2. Dearest Eva,
    I have just finished your book “Og jeg vågnede” and know understand how important it is for me to confront my different fears, eventhough it will really hurt and afterwards give me anxiety attacks, because I’m changing some old believes, which have helped me to be “standing up” for many years.
    I’m not as lucky as you with regards to awake early in life, but I hope I’ll make it, because I need to change some patterns, so my children don’t have to go through them.

    This leads me to my question regarding past-lifes-pain: You wrote in your book, that you listened to something introduced by Steinar and then suddenly knew, what happened in your past life. Can you tell, what it was, because I will like to know some more from my past lifes? Believe og can help me on my journey.

    Love to you and thank you for the lovely pray.


    1. Dearest Karin ❤ Thank you for your beautiful greeting – and for sharing with me ❤ I LOVE to hear that you loved the book – and that it gives you courage to look into your fears and pain. It's such a heroes journey. Take good care of yourself – and if you feel much anxity, be gentle – and maybe ask for support by a professional. It's no shame to ask for support…and if there's a lot of pain it can be good with a companion ❤ Now, regarding visiting earlier lives – it's right I share an experience in the book. It was with Brian Weis, one of the most renowned regression therapists. I'll recommend you to go to an educated therapist, instead of doing it on your own – as it can be a strong experience, especially if you are sensitive. For sure it can be very healing and empowering as well – so follow your heart and intuition. xx Much love, Eva Andrea


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