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Finding light in the darkness – how Lisa found healing after 9/11 (New podcast)


It was my dear friend Paul Luftenegger, who first told me about Lisa. “You would love her”, he said. And told me her story. It hit my heart and soul.

I HAD to talk to her.

Lisa Luckett, who lost her husband Ted on 9/11 – the day that began her awakening in a brutal yet graceful way.

Her book has just been released: “The light in 9/11 – shocked by kindness, healed by love”.

And what a heart to heart conversation we had. Now on Rising Sisters – The Podcast.


Lisa shared generously about her awakening journey. From the morning of 9/11 that brutally broke her open – to finding healing and love.

If you’ve ever experienced loss or crisis – you’ll find light and hope in this story.

If you wonder if you can craft something useful and beautiful out of pain – you’ll find guidance.

I’m deeply grateful to Lisa, for sharing her profound journey with me and you.

Listen to the full episode on Rising Sisters – The podcast

Get Lisa’s new beautiful book right here

the book

With love


P.S. Go get your free month of Rising Sisters – The membership – right here. A whole tribe of sisters in your pocket – and me as a sister by your side. You don’t need to walk alone in your awakening.

2 thoughts on “Finding light in the darkness – how Lisa found healing after 9/11 (New podcast)

  1. Det var godt å høre denne historien. Sitter igjen med følelsen av å tro på selve prosessen. Det ble plutselig klart for meg at det er en gave eg gir meg selv. Å tro har blitt en tvang fra min historie. Plutselig skjønte eg noe mer om å velge å tro. Kjenne eg smile litt en tidlig morgen.
    Takk Eva


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