#Er du i opvågning? · #Soul Chocolate

This is why I love Sisterhood

A deep dancing love for sisterhood has just grown stronger and stronger in me for years. This morning I thought, “What is it about true sisterhood, that makes you so happy and grateful?”. So, I took my pen, and here are the 7 things I grabbed – maybe you can relate?


1. Sisterhood feels like remembering something we’ve forgotten

…like returning to something deeply natural that we’ve missed without knowing it. Like breathing out, after holding our breath too long.


2. Sisterhood is the energy of our female souls.

It’s pure love. And in this energy fear dissolves like dew for the sun. Our egos can’t do sisterhood – it’s too scary. For sure, sisterhood shows us the hidden fear from our egos here and there – which is a gift to become aware of. But our souls long for it and feel home as never before.


3. Sisterhood is a healing power.

Like this secret receipt medicine, created for our wounds and scars. Sharing our pain in the sacred space of sisterhood – without shame and guilt is deeply healing.

Showing our true naked selves without fear of judgement transforms the pain of not being worthy or enough.


4. Sisterhood is enhancing our soul power.

Nothing like sisterhood can strengthen and nourish the gifts of our souls to grow and bloom.

In true loving sisterhood, you are never too powerful, too visionary, dreaming too much, believing too much, taking too much space in all the beauty and light of your soul.

No. You feel the love, the recognition, the celebration of your soul. It is like walking into a room of mirrors, reflecting the innate beauty of your soul.


5. Sisterhood is a force lifting the world.

What happens when women unite in true sisterhood spirit – to create and serve is magical. There’s this ease, sweetness and wild power in uniting our souls to create a better world, that’s stunning.

It’s happening as never before these days. This movement of women remembering that we’ve always been sisters, joining hands to rise into who we are here to be and what we are here to do – to lift the world.

In just the way we can do. Each and every one of us.


6. Sisterhood is for every female soul. 

That’s the beauty of it. You are never too old, too young, too scared, too new to it, too much of anything.

Everyone brings her unique essence, her unique soul to the circle of sisters. And is embraced.

I’ve experienced many women coming home this way. To see the relief and wonder in a woman’s eyes, when she realizes that she is loved and embraced with everything.

To see the joy in her eyes when she opens her heart to the fact that she’s not alone anymore. Letting go of the idea that sisterhood is scary and not for her.

Truly transforming.


7. Sisterhood is the embodiment of feminine energy. 

We can speak of love and the new feminine consciousness. That’s beautiful. And still just words. Surrendering to sisterhood is embodiment.

It’s love in action.

We have to experience it in our souls to really understand. The way we can speak of chocolate for ages but have to taste it to really know what chocolate is.

And when we’ve first tasted sisterhood – it becomes our way of being in the world.

My heart is bursting with gratefulness and love – for the truth in these 7 experiences. Can you hear the song, feel the beat of my drum?

What does sisterhood mean to you? Share with me below (in English, Danish or Norwegian) I’d love to hear from you.

– and share this blog with a sister you love…

Your sister always


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