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The book I carried with me everywhere for two years


I know many of you have waited for me to lift the veil and share this secret. If you know me, you know that I am not only an author – I’m also a book lover. And if you walk into my home, you’ll see books in piles everywhere. So which book did I carry with me everywhere in my handbag for two years? Must be a special one, right?

Well, before I give it to you, I have to say – books have a special way of coming in my way – just when I need them.

Sometimes it feels like they live a life of their own. Do you recognize that? That a book comes to you, just when you were ready for it? Just when you needed exactly the insight or wisdom, this book provided. I am deeply grateful for the guidance I have received through these helpers, disguised in paper and inc.

I know that it can feel like a jungle when you look at the bookshelves in the bookstore (or online, right?). And I know the right book will find you.

Anyway, there is this one book, that I MUST share with you.

It looks quite simple, when you hold it in your hand. It’s not the thickest book you have ever seen. And mine is just a paperback. Still, its the most outworn paperback I have seen, filled with notes, underlinings, and my folded corners everywhere.

It has survived being left under the palms outside during the night, having coffee (and tears) spilt all over it. And it is for sure not the most pretty book anymore.

Still, I love it.

And would never let it go. Seriously, if there was a fire in the house, I would rescue the kids and my beloved – and this book.

Now here you are:

The seat of the soul, by Gary Zukav (Hvor sjælen har sæde, in Danish)

So, why is this book so precious to me?

It came to me in 2012. I had heard of it through Oprah Winfrey. This special book, that had been a spiritual bestseller for so many years.

It grabbed my attention.

And it was just what I needed, in this time of transformation.

It gave me a language to understand what was happening to me. It gave me words for the wordless process of awakening and the inner work I was doing. It became a lighthouse in the dark night of the soul.

When everything was crumbling: all identifications, beliefs and ideas about myself was peeled off layer by layer, and I was left in naked consciousness – it gave me an understanding of what this was all about.

I kept it near, during these years. Kept it in my handbag. Read and reread it. Just a line here and there could be a light to hold on to. When it was darkest it gave me hope.

eva i porten

It helped me understand the guidance I got, that it all pointed to aligning my personality with my soul. It helped me understand the urge and devotion I felt so deeply to walk my inner path – and the importance of gaining authentic power. Even when it was costing more than I had ever imagined. And it was just soothing my soul, nurturing my trust.

So, beautiful soulsister – if you are in awakening – I hope this book will find its way to you, as it did to me. 

Now, let’s share below: Which book has been the helper you needed? I love to hear from you.

With love


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8 thoughts on “The book I carried with me everywhere for two years

  1. I read A Course in Miracle, and had it with me for years , also Gary R Renard : The Disappearance of the Universe helped me a lot 😊❤️


  2. I have read your book, and recognize the urge of read and reread.
    The last book that just “showed up” is written by David Deida: Dear Lover.
    It’s about the deepest longing of the heart.


  3. Åh ja der har været mange bøger forbi min vej og flere af dem som en hjælp til at mærke og forstå. Især Louise Hay: Helbred dit liv – som jeg fik i hånden sidst i 1980, da jeg brændte ud (første gang, hmm). Så kom Tolle med Nuets kraft og den sidste – og den jeg hører ( lydbog ) igen og igen, frisk som var det første gang er: Det intelligente hjerte af Margit Madhurima Rigtrup.


  4. Jeg bliver aldrig færdig med at læse Joan Brady’s : Da Gud kom på en Harley, som hver gang giver mig noget nyt. En hjertevarm spirituel fabel❤️ Jeg har også efterfølgeren ‘Joyride’ ( kun på engelsk) som også er fantastisk. Der er så meget jeg kan relatere mig til. Hele tiden…afhængig af min virkelighed. 📚📖💞


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