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Put your hand on your beautiful heart (And Giveaway time)

Do you know the experience of wonder? When something happens, that is just not serendipity. But has a feel to it, of a loving intelligence, guiding it all. Well, I have to share such an experience with you today. Some stories are meant to be shared to strengthen our hearts and trust. This is one of them.

Last week I shared a poem on my facebook page: Invisible no more.

A beautiful soul, Halina Goldstein, had a feeling. When reading the words she was inspired to tag another beautiful soul – on the other side of the globe: Paul Luftenegger.

She knew us both and felt resonance.

I didn’t know Paul. Never came across his music. So I googled (as we do, right?) And there is this song, that he wrote and performed at Louise Hays celebration of 90 years on this earth: (You HAVE to give yourself this moment and listen, I beg you – please give yourself this gift!)

It goes right into my heart and soul. And Steinar, my love, who is listening while ironing his shirt says: “HE is the one we should have on European Transformational Teachers Gathering.”

In fact – the conference starts in three days. What are the chances?

Now, a few hours later, it is as if we have known Paul for lifetimes.

He is our long waited for soul brother. Such a bright light of love and grace. He feels the calling to come (together with his amazing Cori). And decides to take a leap of faith and travel all the way from Bermuda.

paul and eva

It was a profound blessing to all of us. I sensed a strong presence of angels and souls from the other side, celebrating the moment when Paul was singing from the stage. A joyful healing energy filled the room.

Today I will just honour the universe to create such a miracle of love.

For leading us together, and for the ripples of love that flows from this moment and into the time to come – for all of us.

I am humbled by the beauty of one soul, listening to her inner guidance and connecting us: Halina Goldstein.

Sometimes even the Universe needs helpers. Human beings who remember to put a hand on their beautiful heart, listen and act in trust.

Halina was a Helper of Love to create this connection.

THANK YOU – Halina ❤ Just thank you.

I love the work you do as a lightworker – and everyone who will learn from Halina should go to her lovely JOY KEEPERS NETWORK and be inspired by her work. She is a deeply connected heart.

And I’m forever grateful to Paul, surrendering to his inner knowing – even if it was on a very short notice. To come and share from his beautiful heart.

Thank you for reading along, my dear ❤

And remember: You are loved, you are precious and your soul knows the way.

With love

Eva Andrea (1)

korrektminiaturetilblogAuthor and mentor


To celebrate with all of you beauties reading – I will pass the gift forward, that Paul gave me.

Two of you commenting below will be given a healing album with his transforming music.

The winner will be found in 7 days from now. Just go to the bottom of the page and you will be able to comment.

THANK YOU – For every heartfelt comment. So beautiful to read. The two happy winners are: Kirsten Stensland and Anna. Congratulations ❤


27 thoughts on “Put your hand on your beautiful heart (And Giveaway time)

  1. That was such an amazing concert ❤ Thank you for bringing Paul to ETTG. I fell asleep last night listening to "My Heart". So healing. I have the music already so not part of the give away – just part of the vibe.


  2. Pauls music is really healing❤
    His angel voice and beautiful texts found the directly way to my heart ❤
    I feel so blessed to have been able to listen to Pauls consert and to have met him and his wonderful husband Cori ❤


  3. I Can feel the Music in my Heart 💖❤️🧡💜💚💙💛Pauls Music has a “soul-Sound “
    Thank you✨🙏💫


  4. My transformation over the days spent in this amazing energy have been confusing to say the least: As Steiner shared Paul’s beautiful song for the first time, tears flowed. As I listened to Paul singing this more than beautiful song, my heart grew to at least ten times its original size – my small handkerchief could hold no more moisture of pure love, but it kept on trying. I have no more words that would be of adequate magnitude – it has now become beyond words. I purchased two of Paul’s c.d’s and have listened to one today – I now have another handkerchief experiencing the same as it’s friend in Alicante. Paul and Cori are so special, and Paul’s voice penetrates so much deeper than ANYTHING I have EVER experienced in my whole life, his music will now be played to each of my future clients who come to me for healing in my lovely new Health and Wellness Centre, newly built. With so much love to you all. Valerie xxx


  5. Paul you are such an Archetype for being an example of music consciousness – very spiritually & emotionally moving – well done – Love & Big Hugs – Lyn xxx


  6. Kære Eva…
    puha, skal lige vænne mig til at mærke al den kærlighed ❤️ Det er ubeskriveligt genkendeligt og “hjemmevant”. Kan mærke en enorm energi/kraft i mit hjerte… der bare er så klar på at – skinne og sprede kærlighed ❤️🙏
    Så jeg lægger min hånd på mit hjerte og siger “i love you” og hjertet vil vise mig vejen.
    Tak for denne smukke deling🙏❤️


  7. Jeg græder mærker noget presse på indeni mig turde stå ved mig selv og finde hjem til mig selv og min sjæl Tak for du delte dette Namaste Anna


  8. What a magic, moving and healing experience to listen to this beautiful, beautiful song. Thank you SO much for sharing it!


  9. A lot of words are coming to me trying to express this experience, but I will try with one: radiant. Thank you so much for sharing.


  10. This is so beautiful and heart touching music ❤
    I was beyond words listening to it at ETTG.
    Wish that this music and everybody's open hearts will spread all over the globe. ❤


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